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These Videos below include the real-life stories of dog owners and human patients that carefully examine each individual case by exploring Sadie’s story, the experiences of dog owners, interviews with veterinary surgeons, doctors and London Tonight report. Each discusses the treatments they received to extol the merits of CV247Therapy. ‘Click to View’

We have included a selection of videos to click, along with a series of interesting articles and blogs on the experiences of dog owners and the interaction with their pets, and of human patients.

   Dog Owners

Sadie’s Story

Experience of a dog owner

Interview with Andor Sebesteny
Veterinary Surgeon

Interview with Paul Grant
Veterinary Surgeon


Interview with Dr Ros Taylor

Interview with Dr. Robert Thomas

   Humans & Dogs

London Tonight report on CV247

  CV247Therapy - What the Papers say and Testimonials.
   Our ‘What the Papers say’ page includes a series of articles from Dogs Today magazine, ITVX, exploring different ways to treat dogs, along with
   articles and Blogs shown here below in these National Press comments. They each examine the outcomes of these dogs and cats and how they
   are managing their symptoms.

Dogs Today Magazine Article 1

Dogs Today Magazine Article 2

Dog Makes Miraculous Recovery From Tumour

Mail Online: Insurance Policies Can Include Alternative Therapies

New cancer therapy that’s thanks to a vet - Mail Online

Pets with cancer trying CV247 - Blogspot

Tibetan Terrier - Ziggy - Sue Williams, Little Berkhamstead
We rescued and adopted Ziggy after she was found wandering the road. She was a cross Tibetan Terrier with a horrible attitude which we put down to neglect. She had a lump on her leg where it was suspected she had broken her right leg as a puppy, but it was not treated and didn’t heal properly. The vet thought this was additional calcium deposits consistent with a break. Over the years she mellowed and became a delightful member of our family with her own unique personality and was the envy of many friends. Later in life she started limping and it was believed to be associated with her bad leg. We tried Metacam for some time and although it helped, she was obviously still in pain. After further investigation our vet believed she had developed bone cancer and recommended we remove her leg and treat her for cancer.

I sought a second opinion and had known John Carter for many years as he had previously been the vet for my first dog. I knew his reputation for treating animals who had cancer and sought his opinion for Ziggy. He felt he could treat Ziggy with CV247 and he advised not to remove her limb but to try his treatment. We agreed to his intense course of treatment over many months and eventually Ziggy did not limp or display any of the symptoms which had led us to that first conclusion. She recovered well and when we discussed her with the original vet, he was amazed but pleased on her recovery.

Ziggy lived a long life till she passed away in the sunshine at 16 years old.

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